Selecting A Brilliant Moissanite Ring For Your Fiancée

moissanite ring

As you all know, planning for any wedding is a marathon task. But the best part of it is choosing the most beautiful ring for your fiancée. Most often, many opt for diamond rings without considering the alternatives available. If you want to buy the most astonishing ring, then you can try a moissanite ring for your fiancee. It is even wonderful to customize the ring design to make it more special. The portals of allow you to make a right choice when it comes to important lifestyle oriented decisions. So, are you geared up to know the facts behind choosing a moissanite ring for your fiancée? Here you go.

Moissanite is indeed a better choice
Here goes a small history behind this precious stone. Moissanite is made of natural silicon carbide. It was found by Dr. Henri Moisson, a French chemist. He discovered them as tiny particles after a meteorite collision in Arizona. The substance was later named Moissanite after the discoverer. Today, moissanite stones are created in labs under controlled and specific conditions. Now let’s compare the Moissanite to diamonds.

Though both the gemstones look alike, there are a few points of distinction. First and foremost, the moissanite has a higher refraction rate when compared to the diamonds. This property makes the Moissanite stone to look more brilliant and sparkling. The moissanite also possesses greater dispersion properties. When the light enters the moissanite stone, it bends twice as much and splits into an array of colors which makes it even beautiful.

The brilliance and dispersion put together make Moissanite a fantastic choice when contrasted with all other precious stones. Moissanite, when compared to diamonds, weigh lesser. They also possess a lower specific gravity and density which makes it lightweight and more suitable for crafting any jewelry. On the Mohr’s scale, the moissanite stones exhibit hardness in-between 9 to 10 very close to that of the diamond. These features show that the moissanite stones are durable choices too.

Moissanite is an affordable choice
The price of any precious stone depends upon its clarity, color, and cut. When you compare the prices of diamond and moissanite, the diamonds are far beyond the reach. A 1ct diamond will be sold at a minimum of $3000 whereas a 1ct Moissanite is priced at $300 only. So, the moissanite stone is not even one-third of the price of the diamond.

It is thus an inexpensive alternative with better refraction and sparkling properties. Some moissanite stones are colorless whereas others carry a mild color. However, even if you purchase a pricey colorless moissanite, the cost incurred is going to be minimal when compared to buying a superior grade diamond.

Moissanite adds up to your romantic wedding
Moissanite rings are trending the market with its extra sparkle and brilliance. Many couples have opted for these rings, and it does not mean you are settling for something lesser. It is indeed an exceptional choice where you can customize the cut and designs. A moissanite ring can add more sparkle to the gorgeous bride and be complimented for a unique option. Make your fiancée feel special and loved for all the years to come with a sparkling moissanite ring.